A fifty percent deposit is required upon receipt for all mounts unless other arrangements are made. 

All Panels and Driftwood is extra except where otherwise stated.

Big Game:

White Tailed Deer full shoulder: 800.00

Moose full shoulder: 3000.00
(detachable antlers add 250.00)

Black Bear full shoulder: (closed mouth) 800.00

Black Bear full shoulder: (open mouth) 945.00

Black Bear 1/2 mount (closed mouth) 1800.00

Black Bear 1/2 mount (open mouth) 1900.00

Black Bear Rugs: 310.00/ foot

Elk full shoulder: 2400.00

Caribou full shoulder: 2400.00

Boar full shoulder: (closed mouth) 800.00
(Panels and name plates are extra)

Boar full shoulder: (open mouth) 945.00
(Panels and name plates are extra)

*Other big game pricing on request.

Big Game European:

White Tailed Deer European mount: 150.00 plus panel

Whitetail antlers on a panel: 120.00

Black Bear European mount: 300.00

Moose European mount 550.00

Moose antlers on a panel: 395.00

Longhorn on a panel: 400.00

are you a youth hunter? Discounts may be available

Life Size Mounts

Whitetail Deer: 3500.00

Bear life size, up to 150lbs 2000.00
151 to 250lbs 3500.00
251 to 350lbs 4500.00
351 to 450lbs 4900.00
451 to 600lbs 5500.00
600 lbs and up 6000.00 and up depending on weight

Beaver 1000.00
Bobcat 980.00
Coyote 1050.00
Fox / Fisher: 980.00
Marten: 750.00
Otter 980.00
Porcupine 950.00
Rabbit 800.00
Mink 700.00
Weasel 600.00

*Other big game pricing on request.

Ducks: 425.00

Geese: 750.00

Swans: 1200.00

Fish: 24.00 per inch reproductions only

Upland Birds:

Pheasant: 415.00

Grouse: 415.00

Woodcock: 425.00

Quail: 425.00

Turkey: Any pose 1200.00
Turkey tail, beard and spurs mount: 225.00 Panel Included
Turkey tail, beard, spurs and wing: 450.00
Turkey Half Mount: 800.00 Panel included