Field Care

I recommend carrying with you several old knee high nylon stockings. When you shoot a prime specimen place a small amount of cotton in the bird’s mouth and nostrils and then put the bird in the stocking only after the bird cools down. When you get home put the bird in a plastic bag and then into the freezer if you cannot get it right to the taxidermist. Proper care in the field helps ensure a better mount in the end. Do not gut the bird!

Turkeys should be kept as cool as possible after killing. Keep a cooler with ice in your truck and get the bird to the taxidermist as soon as possible. If you cannot get it to the taxidermist immediately the bird can be frozen. Take a piece of cardboard and staple it around the tail feathers to keep them from damage. Be careful not to staple the feathers. Place the whole bird in a plastic bag and get it into the freezer.